What are Welcoming Champions?

If you’ve been around on our Discord (and if you haven’t, you totally should!), you may have noticed messages notifying everyone that a user has just uploaded their first Flipnote to Sudomemo and encouraging people to leave a welcome comment. This feature had been around for a while but now we’ve taken it a step further with the introduction of the weekly Welcoming Champion ceremony!

Every week – at 9PM ET on a Saturday – the top 3 people who have left the most welcome comments on these Flipnotes will receive the Welcoming Champion role on our Discord server and also receive a Welcoming Champion ticket which – when redeemed – will unlock a new trophy for their Creator’s Room along with some shiny color stars!

“What’s more?” you may ask; there can only be up to 3 Welcoming Champions at any given time, meaning that the previous champions will no longer have the role on Discord (though they will still keep the trophy). As this also means that you can receive this award more than once, welcoming people could be a great way to earn more green stars on a weekly basis (if you stay in the top 3)!

Join us in a group effort to make Sudomemo a more friendly and inviting community for all, one comment at a time!