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Sudomemo Citizenship

Sudomemo has a citizen system - you can get citizenship for donating via Patreon:

We've been working on phasing that into a common function for all users and creating fun new extras for citizens. This article will be updated as those roll out!

Previously, citizenship was required to update your profile image -- this is no longer the case.

How to find your Flipnote Studio ID

Your Flipnote Studio ID is a 16-digit ID that identifies your account on Nintendo DSi and account on Sudomemo. 

Occasionally, we may ask you for your ID. This is how you find it in Flipnote Studio:

1. Tap the wrench  icon in the top-right corner of Flipnote Studio's main menu to open your Settings.


2. Your Flipnote Studio ID will be displayed on the first page of your Settings.