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Requesting a Username Change on Sudomemo

There are multiple ways to request a username change. The easiest and fastest way is through our Discord server.


Requesting through Sudomemo’s Discord Server

If you’re not a part of our Discord server, joining is simple: 

1. On the top left of the page, click on “Sudomemo Theatre”.

Sudomemo's support site. "Sudomemo Theatre" is highlighted.


2. Scroll down until you see the Discord widget on the right. Click “Connect” at the bottom.

Sudomemo Theatre. "Connect" is highlighted.


3. Once you’re in, you’ll need to verify yourself. Follow the instructions Tatsumaki mentioned you in and you’ll be in in no time!

Tatsumaki's message once a user joins Sudomemo's Discord.


Now that you’re a verified member of our Discord server, follow these steps to request a username change:

1. Take out a camera, your DSi, a pen, and paper.

A Galaxy Note8 (as a camera), a blue Nintendo DSi, a piece of paper, and a pen.

2. On your DSi, open Flipnote Studio and tap on the wrench on the top right.

Flipnote Studio's settings interface, showing the DSi's username and their Flipnote Studio ID.

3. You should be on a screen with your DSi’s name, your Flipnote Studio ID (or FSID), and your date of birth. While you’re on that screen, grab out your paper and write your Discord username and it’s 4-digit discriminator (for example: User#1234).

"User#1234" (a Discord username and discriminator) written on a piece of paper.

4. Take a picture with both your FSID and piece of paper in frame. Insure you’re under bright lighting and that the image is clear.

"User#1234" written on a piece of paper which is placed on top of a Nintendo DSi.

5. On our Discord, right click on “SudoModMail” on the right, then click on “Message”.

A user right-clicking "SudoModMail" and selecting "Message".

6. On this screen, tell SudoModMail that you wish to change your username. In a separate message, send through the image you just took. Also type out your FSID and send that through as well.

A user requesting a username change for Sudomemo via SudoModMail on Discord.

PLEASE NOTE: Your message is now being sent to a member of staff. We will try our best to get back to you as quickly as possible, but we sometimes deal with multiple threads at once so it might take a little while to receive a response from us.


If you receive a delivery failed message, ensure that you have enabled “Allow direct messages from server members.” (Discord Settings > Privacy & Safety). We recommend disabling this option once you’ve finished talking to SudoModMail.

Clyde's delivery failed message, and how to circumvent this issue.

7. You will receive a response from us asking what you want your new username to be. Please note that there’s a 10 character limit. We will give you the all clear once we change your username. Please note that the changes may not take effect immediately.

A friendly conversation between a user and SudoModMail regarding a username change.


Enjoy your new username on Sudomemo! If you have any other question, reach out to us on Discord. We’re here to help.

Sudomemo: ISP Information

Shortlink to this article:

Hello! If you've been linked to this article, then you are most likely a support technician at an Internet Service Provider.

Your subscriber is attempting to use a service called Sudomemo, which is a Web community of artists and animators creating content using Flipnote Studio on the Nintendo DSi System. A previous service existed called Flipnote Hatena, but it was shut down in mid-2013. Sudomemo exists to fill the void that it left behind, and provide an outlet for those artists and the people who enjoy their work.

If your subscriber is experiencing issues, then there may be an issue with how your configuration is affecting their ability to connect. In general, Sudomemo has two key differences in how it operates from what you'll see with normal web traffic:

  1. DNS Override
  2. Use of proxy settings to briefly change the destination of traffic

Here is the article that your subscriber followed to get it set up:

For DNS Issues

If your subscriber is having issues with DNS (which can be diagnosed with this tutorial), you may be redirecting DNS queries (UDP traffic to port 53) to your own resolvers.

If this is the case, please either provide your subscriber with instructions on how to disable this behavior, or if you have more fine-grained control at your end, please permit DNS traffic to to pass through uninhibited.

For Proxy Issues

The initial connection process involves the use of proxy settings to change the HTTP Host header momentarily. It is important to note that we do not run a proxy server, and only approved domains are permitted to connect. At any time, the following Host header values might be sent to using these domains: (only in Japan)

After your subscriber connects, the domain used changes to an internal one that normally points at the same place anyway, so it should be indistinguishable from regular traffic after that. If you have anything in place that might interfere with this step, you'll want to make a change to permit this to occur.

We ask that you work together with your subscriber to resolve the issue to the best of your ability. Thank you very much!

Sudomemo Connection Troubleshooting: DNS

Sometimes you may run into issues connecting to Sudomemo related to your DNS settings. If you're getting 20110 ("Service for this software has been discontinued."), follow this guide to determine where things are going wrong.

1. In your DSi System Settings, go and edit the Wi-Fi connection you're using, and turn the proxy off:


2. As explained in the setup instructions, make sure you still have your DNS settings set correctly:



 3. Next, go to the main menu and open the Nintendo DSi Browser:



4. Once it's finished loading, visit



5. The screen you get will instruct you what to do next. 

If you forgot to turn off the proxy before testing:


If you made a mistake in your DNS settings, or your ISP is overriding DNS:


If things are configured correctly:


If you reach a red screen, read through the text completely and follow the steps presented in them. If you receive the green screen, you should be good to go!

You might try sudomemoDNS - a simple way to connect to Sudomemo when your Internet Provider is overly restrictive.

Make sure to turn the proxy back on when testing the connection to Sudomemo.

If you still get 20110 when testing after receiving the green screen, feel free to reach out to us, under the Help > Contact Us section in the navigation bar.

Sudomemo Citizenship

Sudomemo has a citizen system - you can get citizenship for donating via Patreon:

Previously, citizenship was required to update your profile image -- this is no longer the case.

Citizen Features

Flipnote Smoothing: Lines, curves, and edges are smoothed for a more natural look on Sudomemo Theatre. (Accessible via the Flipnote options menu in your Flipnote's details page)

How to find your Flipnote Studio ID

Your Flipnote Studio ID is a 16-digit ID that identifies your account on Nintendo DSi and account on Sudomemo. 

Occasionally, we may ask you for your ID. This is how you find it in Flipnote Studio:

1. Tap the wrench  icon in the top-right corner of Flipnote Studio's main menu to open your Settings.


2. Your Flipnote Studio ID will be displayed on the first page of your Settings.