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Sudomemo Tickets are fun items on Sudomemo that you can redeem for Stars, Sudomemo Plus, and other things!


What types of Tickets are there?

There are several types of tickets on Sudomemo. They are:

  • Regular Ticket: These are free tickets that you can draw every 8 hours.
  • Weekly Topic Ticket: By entering and winning a Weekly Topic, you will be rewarded a Weekly Topic ticket!
  • Social Media Ticket: If you keep an eye our on our social media pages, we sometimes post ticket codes with goodies in them!
  • Sudomemo Plus Ticket: If you purchased Sudomemo Plus via the Sudomemo Shop, you can redeem your unique ticket code to activate Plus.
  • Other Tickets: You can get other kinds of tickets under special circumstances.


Drawing a Regular Ticket

You can draw a Regular Ticket every 8 hours.

Navigate to your Creator’s Room by tapping on “Creator’s Room” on the main menu. If you are prompted to login, go ahead and do so.

Sudomemo Creator's Room Button


Next, tap the “Draw Ticket” link under the “Tickets” heading, then “Continue”.

Draw Ticket Link in Creator's Room


Finally, tap “Use” next to the Regular Ticket and cross your fingers!

Ticket Inventory with Use Highlighted


Checking your Ticket Inventory

You can check your Ticket Inventory by firstly navigating to “Creator’s Room” in the main menu.

Sudomemo Creator's Room Button


Next, scroll down and tap “Inventory”. It’s under the Tickets heading.

Inventory Button in Creator's Room


Redeeming a Ticket in your Inventory

To redeem a ticket in your Ticket Inventory, tap “Use” under the ticket you wish to redeem.

Ticket Inventory with Use Highlighted


Redeeming a Ticket Code

If you’ve received (or found) a ticket code, here’s how you can redeem it.

Firstly, tap on “Creator’s Room” in the main menu.

Sudomemo Creator's Room Button


Now, scroll down and tap “Redeem”.

Redeem Button in Creator's Room


Type in your code, then tap “Send” at the bottom right!

Redeem Code Screen


Wrapping Up

We hope you have fun with Sudomemo Tickets! Enjoy!


Any questions, comments, or concerns?

We’re all ears! Let us know via Discord or Support Email.