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Forenote: If you are receiving error code 20110 (“Service for this software has been discontinued”), follow this tutorial: 

Sudomemo Connection Troubleshooting: DNS

Q. I have followed the instructions to connect to Sudomemo, but I am having still issues.

A. The likely problem is that you have more than one connection to the same Wi-Fi hotspot set up in your system settings; your DSi won’t know which one to go to.

S. You need to clear all other connections to the same Wi-Fi hotspot that do not have the Sudomemo settings in them. Do this by tapping the connection and then chose ‘clear connection’.

Q. I keep getting error codes when I try to connect, is the server down?
Please ensure that you have ‘Auto-Obtain DNS’ turned Off, with the primary DNS set to, and secondary set to
If you still have issues, try a different Internet connection (e.g mobile hotspot) – you may have an ISP that is forcing you to use their own DNS resolvers. You can verify this issue using this tutorial, and then reach out to your ISP with this information.

Q. When I try to access a certain page on Sudomemo, I keep getting an error code, what do I do?

A. Contact us to report this – it is probably a bug! Information on where to contact us is at the bottom of this page.
Please do not post a Flipnote about the issue, as it may not be seen.

Q. I have tried everything, I think the server is down… but there has been no activity on Sudomemo’s social media… what is going on?

Please reach out to or via the Sudomemo Discord.

If you need to contact us you can do so through the following channels, listed in order of preference.:


🚧 Following this guide will require Custom Firmware (CFW).
If you do not have CFW, please visit

ℹ️ This guide is for Flipnote Studio and not Flipnote Studio 3D.

WARNING: Resetting your system or uninstalling Flipnote Studio will cause you to lose access to your Sudomemo account.

Installing Flipnote Studio

Since you’re unable to get Flipnote Studio from the eShop, you’ll need to obtain it via other means:

1a. If you don’t have a DSi with Flipnote Studio installed, you will need to find a copy of Flipnote Studio for your region elsewhere. Please note that the file must end with .cia.

1b. If you already have a DSi with Flipnote Studio installed, you may follow this guide to extract it from your DSi and convert it to a .cia file:

Flipnote Studio DSi as a .cia File

2. Once you’ve gotten Flipnote Studio as a .cia file, transfer it to your “cias” folder in your 2/3DS’ SD card. If you don’t have this folder, create it in the root of the SD card.

Windows Explorer showing Flipnote Studio being moved to an SD card

3. Open FBI and navigate to SD > cias > Flipnote Studio.cia > Install and delete CIA. This will install Flipnote Studio to your 3DS’ home screen.

FBI displaying the current directory

4. Close FBI by pressing B a few times to go back to the main menu, then by pressing Start. Now, reboot your 3DS.

Nintendo 2DS / 3DS' power down screen

5. You should get a message saying that new software has been added to the home screen. Dismiss it and open the giftbox which will unwrap Flipnote Studio.

Flipnote Studio as an application on a 2DS / 3DS

Network Setup

Now, let’s get you connected to Sudomemo:

6. Head over to System Settings > Internet Settings > Connection Settings > Connection 1, 2, or 3 depending on what connection you’re currently using > Change Settings.

The internet settings of the 2DS / 3DS

7. Touch the right arrow once, then navigate to DNS. Touch No to Auto-Obtain DNS then navigate to Detailed Setup.

DNS settings on a 2DS / 3DS

8. Change the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to then touch OK.

Sudomemo's DNS which has been entered into a 2DS / 3DS

9. Touch Save and perform an internet connection test. It should succeed.

A successful connection test on a 2DS / 3DS

10. Exit System Settings and open your newly installed Flipnote Studio. You will need to go through the setup before continuing.

Flipnote Studio on a 2DS / 3DS' home screen

11. Touch Flipnote Hatena to connect to Sudomemo.

Flipnote Studio's main menu with Flipnote Hatena highlighted

12. Once you’ve connected, tap “Creator’s Room” to get started!

You can continue to use most other online services on your 3DS while configured for Sudomemo.

Any questions, comments, or concerns?

We’re all ears! Let us know via Discord or Support Email.

Shortlink to this article:

Hello! If you’ve been linked to this article, then you are most likely a support technician at an Internet Service Provider.

Your subscriber is attempting to use a service called Sudomemo, which is a Web community of artists and animators creating content using Flipnote Studio on the Nintendo DSi System. A previous service existed called Flipnote Hatena, but it was shut down in mid-2013. Sudomemo exists to fill the void that it left behind, and provide an outlet for those artists and the people who enjoy their work.

If your subscriber is experiencing issues, then there may be an issue with how your configuration is affecting their ability to connect. In general, Sudomemo has one key difference in how it operates from what you’ll see with normal web traffic, a DNS override to briefly change the destination of traffic.

Here is the article that your subscriber followed to get it set up:



For DNS Issues

If your subscriber is having issues with DNS (which can be diagnosed with this tutorial), you may be redirecting DNS queries (UDP traffic to port 53) to your own resolvers.

If this is the case, please either provide your subscriber with instructions on how to disable this behavior, or if you have more fine-grained control at your end, please permit DNS traffic to to pass through uninhibited.

Our DNS service only changes the following few domains: (only in Japan)

After your subscriber connects, the domain used changes to an internal one that normally points at the same place anyway, so it should be indistinguishable from regular traffic after that. If you have anything in place that might interfere with this step, you’ll want to make a change to permit this to occur.

We ask that you work together with your subscriber to resolve the issue to the best of your ability. Thank you very much!

If you have Sky Broadband, Comcast, or another ISP that interferes with DNS queries, read this or this and then check out sudomemoDNS after reaching out to your ISP with our ISP Help Guide (shortlink

Sometimes you may run into issues connecting to Sudomemo related to your DNS settings. If you’re getting 20110 (“Service for this software has been discontinued.”), follow this guide to determine where things are going wrong.

Forenote: Make sure you have your proxy settings disabled.



1. As explained in the setup instructions, make sure you still have your DNS settings set correctly:



2. Next, go to the main menu and open the Nintendo DSi Browser:

3. Once it’s finished loading, visit

4. The screen you get will instruct you what to do next.

If you made a mistake in your DNS settings, or your ISP is overriding DNS:

If things are configured correctly:


If you reach a red screen, read through the text completely and follow the steps presented in them. If you receive the green screen, you should be good to go!

You might try SudomemoDNS – a simple way to connect to Sudomemo when your Internet Provider is overly restrictive.


Make sure to turn the proxy back on when testing the connection to Sudomemo.

If you still get 20110 when testing after receiving the green screen, feel free to reach out to us, under the Help > Contact Us section in the navigation bar.

Connecting to Sudomemo is simple and easy. All that’s needed is one settings change.

WARNING: Do not reset your Nintendo DSi System or uninstall Flipnote Studio; doing so will cause you to permanently lose access to your Flipnote Studio ID. If Flipnote Studio was not preinstalled on your system, you will not be able to re-download it as the DSi Shop is no longer open.

NOTE: This guide is for using Sudomemo on the Nintendo DSi. If you don’t have a DSi, or want to use Sudomemo on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, follow this guide:

Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Setup Guide

1. Go to the “System Settings” app on your Nintendo DSi System.

Nintendo DSi Home Screen, focused on Settings app

2. Scroll right from the main menu (or tap “3“) until you can see “Internet” on Page 3.

Tap “Internet“.

System Settings Page 1 System Settings Page 3, with Internet button highlighted
3. Tap on “Connection Settings“, and then on “Advanced Setup“.

System Settings - Internet (Connection Settings button) System Settings - Internet (Advanced Setup)

4. It’s time to create a new connection. Tap on “None” and go through the normal process of connecting to your Wi-Fi.

(If you already have a connection set up, you can skip to step 5.)

Tap "None" on an empty connection

5. Tap on “Setup Complete” for the connection you’ve just created, and then on “Change Settings“.

6. It’s time to configure your DNS settings. You should see this page:

Scroll right until you reach Auto-Obtain DNS. Tap on No, and then on Detailed Setup.

For Primary DNS, enter

For Secondary DNS, enter

After you’ve entered both of these values, go ahead and tap “OK“.

Tap Save and then Yes to start the connection test.

7. You’re ready to connect to Sudomemo! Open Flipnote Studio and tap on Flipnote Hatena, and then tap OK.

8. Once you’ve connected, tap Get Started (or, if you’ve connected previously, Creator’s Room) to get started!

You can continue to use things like the Nintendo DSi Browser while set up for Sudomemo.


We have a page dedicated to troubleshooting common issues when connecting here:

Sudomemo – Connection Troubleshooting