WiiLink is a Wii revival service, bringing back many services relating to the Wii. One of their revivals is Wii Room, a service made to stream videos and show off promotional material via Rooms. These Rooms feature one dedicated to Sudomemo, showing off many things both old and new from the service!

You will need a modded Wii system in order to install Wii Room. If your Wii currently is not modded, you can visit the Wii Guide to learn the process of modding your Wii!

How to access content on Wii Room!

To visit the Parade Rooms, click on the “Rooms” button and then click on the Mii associated with the Parade Room you want to enter. In this case, the Sudomemo Fox Mii with the Sudomemo logo is connected to the Sudomemo Parade Room.

To access the categories for videos, click on “Shows”. If you scroll down a few times (either with the Wii Remote or the D-Pad), you can watch some of the Sudomemo content available on Wii Room.

These are the currently available Sudomemo video series on Wii Room:

  • Sudomemo Radio
  • Sudomemo Rewind
  • Sudomemo Featured Flipnotes
  • Sudomemo Tutorials