What exactly is a “hot Flipnote”?

How are the Most Popular Flipnotes picked?

How do I get a Flipnote featured?

These are all questions that people have been asking us since the beginning of time. Let’s answer them by going over how we rank Flipnotes here at Sudomemo!

Hot Flipnotes

Hot Flipnotes are picked by people like you! Whenever you interact with a Flipnote—for example, by adding Stars, Color Stars or comments—that Flipnote’s ranking increases. If enough people interact with a Flipnote, that Flipnote reaches the Hot Flipnotes section! If people stop interacting with a Flipnote, its ranking will begin to decrease.

You can think of the Hot Flipnotes section on Sudomemo as a live leaderboard. Flipnotes are ranked based on how many interactions they’ve had recently.

Most Popular

Most Popular works a bit differently than Hot Flipnotes, but the Flipnotes there are still determined by the community! Every week, the Flipnotes with the most interactions are taken out of Hot Flipnotes and moved into Most Popular!

Flipnotes in Most Popular are ordered based on how many interactions they’ve had recently, much like how they’d be ordered in Hot Flipnotes.

To give newer Flipnotes a better chance of reaching Most Popular, a Flipnote can only show up there if it’s less than a month old.

Featured Flipnotes

Featured Flipnotes aren’t based on rankings. The list of featured Flipnotes is sorted based on when a Flipnote was featured by us.

But what does it mean when a Flipnote gets featured? When we feature a Flipnote, it means that we think this Flipnote is amazing and want others to see it.

Featured Flipnotes can be new or old, and we don’t use any magic to pick them. Flipnotes are featured as and when we find them, and can stay there for any period of time until we find something else to feature.

If a Flipnote of yours gets featured, you’ll get a special trophy in your Trophy Case!