Uploading Flipnotes to YouTube Banner

Uploading your Flipnotes to YouTube is an excellent way to share your Flipnotes with the world. It’s effortless to do! Here’s how you can share your Flipnotes to YouTube in crisp 1080p.


Linking your YouTube Channel to Sudomemo

1. Navigate to flipnot.es/ytsetup then click “Sign in with Google”.

Sign in with Google


2. Enter your Google credentials, or choose your Google account from the list.

Choosing Google Account


3. Grant Sudomemo permission to upload videos to your YouTube Channel by clicking “Allow”.

Stage 1 Allow Access


4. Confirm that Sudomemo has the authorisation to upload videos to your YouTube channel by clicking “Allow”.

Stage 2 Allow Access


5. Once linked, you will be redirected to your YouTube Upload Settings. These settings will be filled in automatically when you upload a Flipnote from your Nintendo DSi or 3DS. If you’re uploading from Sudomemo Theatre, you’ll be prompted to change or confirm these settings before starting the upload. Customise these settings to your liking!

Sudomemo YouTube Upload Settings


6. Once you’ve customised your settings, don’t forget to choose “Save” at the bottom. You can reaccess these settings in your Account Settings.

Saving Sudomemo YouTube Upload Settings


Uploading from your Console

Once linked, you can upload your Flipnotes straight from your console!

1. Once logged in, open your Creator’s Room.

2. Tap “Posted Flipnotes” and choose a Flipnote you wish to upload.


3. Tap “Details” on the bottom right.


4. Scroll down and tap “Upload to YouTube”. You will be prompted to confirm your settings before starting the upload.

5. Review your settings, and then tap “Start Upload”!


Uploading from Sudomemo Theatre

Suppose you’re not near your console, no problem! You can also upload your Flipnotes to YouTube from Sudomemo Theatre.


1. Once logged in, open your Creator’s Room.

Sudomemo Home Page with Creator's Room Selected


2. Choose a Flipnote you wish to upload.

Example Flipnote in Creator's Room


3. Choose “Upload to YouTube” on the right.

Uploading Example Flipnote to YouTube


4. Here, you can customise the title, description, tags, loops, and visibility. Sudomemo Plus users can also enable smoothing and audio enhancement!

YouTube Upload Options with Plus


5. Finally, choose “Start Upload” to upload your Flipnote to YouTube!

Start Uploading to YouTube



The Flipnote in the header image was created by Belial.

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