Two Nintendo DSi Communicating via Sudomemo Chatrooms

So, you’ve made an account and maybe even posted a few Flipnotes? Allow us to show you a feature that you might just enjoy: Sudomemo Chatrooms.


Getting Started

You will need to be logged in to use the chatrooms. Simply tap on “Creator’s Room” in Sudomemo, then follow the prompts to log in. Once done, you’ll want to head back to the main menu by holding down L (or R if you are left handed) then by tapping on “Menu” at the bottom left.

Sudomemo Creator's Room Button


Joining a Chatroom

To get started, simply tap the “Chatrooms” button in Sudomemo.

The Chatrooms Button on Sudomemo


You’ll be presented with a list of our dedicated chatrooms. Simply tap on the one you wish to join.
List of Sudomemo Chatrooms



Welcome to the chatroom! Here, you will see what others are saying. To join in, go ahead and tap on “Write Here” at the bottom.

Write Here Button


Here you can draw whatever you want (provided it doesn’t violate our Terms of Use). Let’s start with drawing a simple smiley face and saying “Hello”.

Mini Flipnote Canvas with "Hello"


After you’ve drawn or written whatever you wanted to say, hit the “OK” button on the bottom right hand corner. A screen will come up asking if you want to confirm, go ahead and hit “Send”.

Mini Flipnote Send Confirmation


Just like that you’ve sent your first chatroom message. Nicely done!

Hello Message in Sudomemo Chatroom


Plus Features

Sudomemo Plus users have the ability to send colored messages by changing the color of the paper and the pen.

To change the color of the paper, tap on the paper icon (Plus Background Color Icon) at the top left, choose your color, then tap “Return”.

Sudomemo Paper Color Selection


To change your pen color, tap the pencil icon (Plus Foreground Color Icon) at the top left, choose your color, then tap “Return”.

Sudomemo Pen Color Selection


Note: You won’t be able to see the colors until you send the message.


Handy Tips

Here are some handy tips that will make your chatting a whole lot easier:

  • – If you want to reply to a user directly, you can tag them either at the end or beginning of your message by writing their name. Many people do this in their own special way.

Tagging Users in Sudomemo


  • – You can actually check the number of both Flipnote comments and chatroom messages you have sent in your Creator’s Room.

Creator's Room Statistics


Chatroom Etiquette

We’ll end this with some common chatroom etiquette. Be nice to your fellow Sudomemo users and always follow the rules. The chatrooms are moderated and you may be muted or banned from the service entirely if you don’t follow our Terms of Use, so be sure to brush up your knowledge of our terms before you start chatting. If you follow the rules and are nice to your fellow users, we can guarantee you’ll have lots of fun using the chatrooms. So go ahead and start chatting!



Special thank you to Rayvie and BlueQuartz for letting us use your handwriting and to Sam for drafting this article.


Any questions, comments, or concerns?

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