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Getting Started

Connecting to Sudomemo is simple and easy. All that's needed is one settings change.

WARNING: Do not reset your Nintendo DSi System or uninstall Flipnote Studio; doing so will cause you to permanently lose access to your Flipnote Studio ID. If Flipnote Studio was not preinstalled on your system, you will not be able to re-download it as the DSi Shop is no longer open.

NOTE: This guide is for using Sudomemo on the Nintendo DSi. If you don't have a DSi, or want to use Sudomemo on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, follow this guide: 

1. Go to the "System Settings" app on your Nintendo DSi System.


2. Scroll right from the main menu (or tap "3") until you can see "Internet" on Page 3.

Tap "Internet".

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3. Tap on "Connection Settings", and then on "Advanced Setup".


4. It's time to create a new connection. Tap on "None" and go through the normal process of connecting to your Wi-Fi.

(If you already have a connection set up, you can skip to step 5.)


5. Tap on "Setup Complete" for the connection you've just created, and then on "Change Settings".


6. It's time to configure your DNS settings. You should see this page:


Scroll right until you reach Auto-Obtain DNS. Tap on No, and then on Detailed Setup.


For Primary DNS, enter

For Secondary DNS, enter

After you've entered both of these values, go ahead and tap "OK".


Tap Save and then Yes to start the connection test.


7. You're ready to connect to Sudomemo! Open Flipnote Studio and tap on Flipnote Hatena, and then tap OK.

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8. Once you've connected, tap Creator's Room to get started!

You can continue to use things like the Nintendo DSi Browser while set up for Sudomemo.


We have a page dedicated to troubleshooting common issues when connecting here: