Forenote: If you are receiving error code 20110 (“Service for this software has been discontinued”), follow this tutorial: 

Sudomemo Connection Troubleshooting: DNS

Q. I have followed the instructions to connect to Sudomemo, but I am having still issues.

A. The likely problem is that you have more than one connection to the same Wi-Fi hotspot set up in your system settings; your DSi won’t know which one to go to.

S. You need to clear all other connections to the same Wi-Fi hotspot that do not have the Sudomemo settings in them. Do this by tapping the connection and then chose ‘clear connection’.


Q. I keep getting error codes when I try to connect, is the server down?

Please ensure that you have ‘Auto-Obtain DNS’ turned Off, with the primary DNS set to, and secondary set to
If you still have issues, try a different Internet connection (e.g mobile hotspot) – you may have an ISP that is forcing you to use their own DNS resolvers. You can verify this issue using this tutorial, and then reach out to your ISP with this information.


Q. When I try to access a certain page on Sudomemo, I keep getting an error code, what do I do?

A. Contact us to report this – it is probably a bug! Information on where to contact us is at the bottom of this page.
Please do not post a Flipnote about the issue, as it may not be seen.


Q. I have tried everything, I think the server is down… but there has been no activity on Sudomemo’s social media… what is going on?

Please reach out to or via the Sudomemo Discord.


If you need to contact us you can do so through the following channels, listed in order of preference: