Connecting to Sudomemo is simple and easy. All that’s needed is one settings change.

WARNING: Do not reset your Nintendo DSi System or uninstall Flipnote Studio; doing so will cause you to permanently lose access to your Flipnote Studio ID. If Flipnote Studio was not preinstalled on your system, you will not be able to re-download it as the DSi Shop is no longer open.

NOTE: This guide is for using Sudomemo on the Nintendo DSi. If you don’t have a DSi, or want to use Sudomemo on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, follow this guide:

Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Setup Guide

1. Go to the “System Settings” app on your Nintendo DSi System.

Nintendo DSi Home Screen, focused on Settings app

2. Scroll right from the main menu (or tap “3“) until you can see “Internet” on Page 3.

Tap “Internet“.

System Settings Page 1 System Settings Page 3, with Internet button highlighted
3. Tap on “Connection Settings“, and then on “Advanced Setup“.

System Settings - Internet (Connection Settings button) System Settings - Internet (Advanced Setup)

4. It’s time to create a new connection. Tap on “None” and go through the normal process of connecting to your Wi-Fi.

(If you already have a connection set up, you can skip to step 5.)

Tap "None" on an empty connection

5. Tap on “Setup Complete” for the connection you’ve just created, and then on “Change Settings“.

6. It’s time to configure your DNS settings. You should see this page:

Scroll right until you reach Auto-Obtain DNS. Tap on No, and then on Detailed Setup.

For Primary DNS, enter

For Secondary DNS, enter

After you’ve entered both of these values, go ahead and tap “OK“.

Tap Save and then Yes to start the connection test.

7. You’re ready to connect to Sudomemo! Open Flipnote Studio and tap on Flipnote Hatena, and then tap OK.

8. Once you’ve connected, tap Get Started (or, if you’ve connected previously, Creator’s Room) to get started!

You can continue to use things like the Nintendo DSi Browser while set up for Sudomemo.


We have a page dedicated to troubleshooting common issues when connecting here:

Sudomemo – Connection Troubleshooting

Q. Is Sudomemo managed by Hatena or Nintendo?
A. No, Sudomemo is a project by Austin Burk (Sudofox) to recreate the Flipnote Hatena services on the DSi. While neither company have said that he can’t do this, Nintendo and Hatena have no involvement in creating or maintaining this service. Sudomemo is managed by Sudofox.

Q. When will x feature be added? Can I make a feature request?
A. Sudomemo takes time to develop, please enjoy what is already here! If you have a request, information on contacting Sudofox is at the bottom of this page, please don’t post a Flipnote addressed to Sudofox because it might get missed.

Q. How do I upload a Flipnote? Must I make an account to do so?
A. Tap on “Creator’s Room” to login or make your account. After going through the setup process, you can post a Flipnote by visiting the Channels menu and picking a channel!

Q. What content is acceptable to upload on Sudomemo? What happens if I upload something that is against them?
A. Please familiarise yourself with the ‘Rules’ section. You can also check section 4 of the ‘Terms of Use’. Both explain what content is against the rules, as well as what will happen if you break them.

Q. Can I upload some Flipnotes from the old Flipnote Hatena, which aren’t mine?
A. It is preferred that you don’t, please. If you really do want to post another creator’s work, get their permission and lock the Flipnote.

Q. I have seen something that is against the rules of Sudomemo and needs to be removed, what should I do?
A. Go to the Flipnote Details page and scroll down until you see the “Report” button. Use this form to report it and describe why you believe it is a violation of the Terms.

Q. How can I block a user?
A. At present, you are able to block their comments, so that you cannot comment on each other’s Flipnotes.

Q. Someone is harassing me.
A. First, try your best to resolve the issue yourself on amicable terms. If you find you are not able to do so, collect evidence of harassment – this should include the creator’s Flipnote Studio ID, and any chat message or comment IDs, along with anything else that might be useful.
Do not try to get your friends to rally against them! This never ends well for anyone involved.

Q. Is Sudomemo split into regions, like Hatena was?
A. No, Sudomemo has users from all over the world posting onto one website!

Q. How much does Sudomemo cost to maintain?
A. The cost varies between $260-300 a month, and is paid for by Sudofox. You can buy Sudomemo Plus tickets at the Sudomemo Shop, or make a recurring donations via Patreon.

If you need to contact us you can do so through the following channels:

Have fun on Sudomemo!

On Discord, direct message contact between moderators and members should be minimized, and instead contact with moderators should be serviced by a “moderator mail” system, accessible to all mods. This has been implemented via Dragory/modmailbot (OSS).

On the DSi site, a similar method of seeking moderator assistance might be used (at this point it is not yet implemented) to allow direct assistance from the DSi site.

On the DSi site, the previous “moderator text comment” system has been updated with an anonymous “Moderator” comment system, where users do not see who is posting the comment. Moderators should not disclose their identity when putting text comments in chat or in Flipnote comments. Moderators, however, will be able to see who posts the comments.

These steps aim to increase accountability, communication between moderators, and remove some of the common barriers present in communicating with members of the community.

Moderators should aim to adopt a common set of mannerisms and consistent tone when communicating via modmail, and seek education where needed in order to use the tools available correctly and efficiently.

No member of the moderation team/staff will engage in a romantic or similar relationship with another member of the community. There’s no wiggle-room here as it is a definite conflict of interest. Accepting the role of moderator means having to trade the regular role of a community member for one in which professionalism is consistent, whether serving directly in the Discord server or the website itself, and even off the site as well when interacting with members of the community.

Conflicts of interest can certainly arise, and it is not necessarily a blemish of character, but it is something that has to be addressed. Moderators should be ready and willing to discuss it if that arises.

Moderators will consider moderation actions issued as non-public actions, meaning that information should not be publicly disclosed to uninvolved parties.

Actions such as bans must be properly documented and a reason should be provided to the user via the moderation bots or tools available. Bans should be peer-reviewed by another member of the moderation team.

Moderators are required to utilize 2FA (2-factor authentication) on their Discord login, and, if access is available, to the moderation functions of Sudomemo.

Moderators should be able to give the times where they will be available and check in to let the other staff know when their schedule/day-to-day life deviates from these.

Moderator Reviews

There will be periodic moderation reviews, identifying strong points and accomplishments, as well as identifying any problem spots that can be worked on. Depending on the specific role moderators have, this may vary.

Moderator Training

As the role of the moderator evolves, we will need training in order to ensure that all members of the team are able to carry out what is expected of them. When training is required, moderators must work to schedule time for training.

Training can include (but is not limited to)

  • User communications practice, in which several different situations in which the moderator has to handle user communication via the ModMail will be practiced.
  • Sudomemo moderation tool usage training, in which the ins and outs of the available moderation tools will be explained.
  • Communication tone practice, in which a specific tone and set of expressions will be practiced in order to maintain consistency in official communications.

Document Is Subject To Change

As the moderator structure and program is reworked, we will discover things that factor into how moderation and administration is performed. As such, this document is subject to change.

We wish to thank all of these wonderful people.

Thank you, all.

Sudomemo has officially outlived Flipnote Hatena, and we have these amazing people to thank.



Development & Administraion

igantzia / Mayu

Previous administration and localization.

Socials: GitHub


James / rakujira

Frontend and graphic design, previous administration, reverse-engineering, backend conversion daemons, previous weekly news author, and moral support.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Website


Lauren Kelly / thejsa

Network captures of Flipnote Hatena before its shutdown, early reverse engineering, British localization, and miscellaneous other early contributions.

Socials: GitHub | Twitter | Website


Peder Sundt / pbsds

Reverse-engineering and early backend format conversion.

Socials: Github | Website


PLU 4011

Previous administration, localization, and moral support.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Instagram


Rob / SuperDuperRob

Current administration, moderation, and support. Author of various help center articles and pages, and various graphic design for Theatre and social media.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Instagram


Sam / Secret Asian Man

Previous administration and moderation.

Socials: Twitter



Creator of Sudopatch. Founder of nds-constrain’t; used to connect you to Sudomemo with only a DNS change.

Socials: Github | Twitter



Early steps of identification for Flipnote sound decoding.





Early asset design for Sudomemo.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter



Graphic, asset, and ticket design for Sudomemo Plus.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Instagram





Current author of the weekly news here on Sudomemo.



We’d like to thank everyone involved in translating Sudomemo into other locales. You can find everyone who contributed here:

Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

We apologize in advance if we’ve missed you. Let us know via Discord or Support Email.