Sudomemo MusicMatch Banner

Sudomemo’s MusicMatch is a special system that listens to your Flipnote to find what music it uses, find other Flipnotes like it, and more!

On Sudomemo Theatre, and on the Nintendo DSi/3DS site, you’ll now be able to see the songs used in many Flipnotes.

MusicMatch showing a Flipnote's song.

MusicMatch is still in beta. Though it usually works well, it can sometimes find more than one potential song, or pick the wrong one. If this happens, you can update the displayed song under “Edit Flipnote”.


How to select "Edit Flipnote"

If you update the song, MusicMatch will learn from that information to better detect songs from Flipnote audio in the future.


You can also browse Flipnotes using the same song!

Browsing Flipnotes by song


If the correct song isn’t available, just select “None of these are correct”, and the “Song” box will disappear from your Flipnote. We’ve got some interesting ideas for what direction to take MusicMatch next, and we’re working on improving this feature further. Stay tuned for more, and happy Flipnoting!