Appeal Ban or Mute Header

If your Sudomemo account has been muted (in which you cannot post or comment) or banned (in which you cannot log in or interact with the site while logged in), you’ll want to send in an appeal. We are willing to work with you to give you and others the best experience on Sudomemo, so no matter the reason for the restriction, or if you agree with the reason you were restricted, you’re free to submit an appeal or apology to our general support.

To appeal, simply send us your Flipnote Studio ID, what happened, and how your behaviour will improve in the future. We will work with you to restore your account’s active status.

Send this information to SudoModMail in the Sudomemo Discord or to

Some things to note:

  • • Ban evasion will result in much stronger penalties than simply contacting us.
  • • After repeat offenses, you will be less likely to have your account access restored.
  • • Depending on the reason for your ban, your profile may be hidden from public view. This is not, however, an indication of whether someone is banned or not.

We look forward to working with you to resolve the issue.