Although the goal of the Flipnote Archive is to preserve the state of Flipnote Hatena as it was prior to its shutdown, we understand that a user may wish for their archived Flipnotes to be removed from the archive.

With this in mind, users can submit a takedown request to us, asking for their archived content to be removed.


How do I submit a takedown request?

Currently, users can submit a takedown request by sending a DM to the SudoModMail bot on the Sudomemo Discord server, or by sending an email to

When submitting a takedown request, make sure to include:

  • – Your Flipnote Studio ID
  • – The URLs to any Flipnotes that should be removed
  • – Which frames of those Flipnotes contain personal information

Once we have received your takedown request, we will investigate your case and act accordingly. We may also ask for verification to prove that you created those Flipnotes.


What happens to removed Flipnotes?

When a Flipnote is removed from the Flipnote Archive, that Flipnote will be hidden from public view.

When a user visits a removed Flipnote, they will see a message indicating that the Flipnote has been removed, although some information – such as a list of spin-offs – may still be present.

We understand that a user may prefer for us to hide the existence of a Flipnote entirely, however this decision has been made with our goal of preservation in mind.


What can be removed from the Flipnote Archive?

Currently, we will only be accepting takedown requests for Flipnotes that contain personal information, although this may change in the future.

Examples of PII include:

  • – Banking information
  • – Home address
  • – Residential area
  • – Full name
  • – Real picture(s) of a person’s face
  • – Phone number
  • – Date of Birth
  • – National Security Numbers (such as Social Security Numbers or National Insurance Numbers)
  • – Personal email address
  • – Passport number
  • – Driver’s license number