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Have a burning question about Sudomemo?

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Q. Is Sudomemo managed by Hatena or Nintendo?

A. No, Sudomemo is a project by Austin Burk (Sudofox) to recreate the Flipnote Hatena services on the DSi. While neither company have said that he can’t do this, Nintendo and Hatena have no involvement in creating or maintaining this service. Sudomemo is managed by Sudofox.


Q. When will x feature be added? Can I make a feature request?

A. Sudomemo takes time to develop, please enjoy what is already here! If you have a request, information on contacting Sudofox is at the bottom of this page, please don’t post a Flipnote addressed to Sudofox because it might get missed.


Q. How do I upload a Flipnote? Must I make an account to do so?

A. Tap on “Creator’s Room” to login or make your account. After going through the setup process, you can post a Flipnote by visiting the Channels menu and picking a channel!


Q. What content is acceptable to upload on Sudomemo? What happens if I upload something that is against them?

A. Please familiarise yourself with the ‘Rules’ section. You can also check section 4 of the ‘Terms of Use’. Both explain what content is against the rules, as well as what will happen if you break them.


Q. Can I upload some Flipnotes from the old Flipnote Hatena, which aren’t mine?

A. It is preferred that you don’t, please. If you really do want to post another creator’s work, get their permission and lock the Flipnote.


Q. I have seen something that is against the rules of Sudomemo and needs to be removed, what should I do?

A. Go to the Flipnote Details page and scroll down until you see the “Report” button. Use this form to report it and describe why you believe it is a violation of the Terms.


Q. How can I block a user?

A. At present, you are able to block their comments, so that you cannot comment on each other’s Flipnotes.

To learn how to block a user from commenting on your Flipnotes, click here or visit https://support.sudomemo.net/blocking-users-on-sudomemo/


Q. Someone is harassing me.

A. First, try your best to resolve the issue yourself on amicable terms. If you find you are not able to do so, collect evidence of harassment – this should include the creator’s Flipnote Studio ID, and any chat message or comment IDs, along with anything else that might be useful.

Do not try to get your friends to rally against them! This never ends well for anyone involved.


Q. Is Sudomemo split into regions, like Hatena was?

A. No, Sudomemo has users from all over the world posting onto one website!


Q. How much does Sudomemo cost to maintain?

A. The cost varies between $260-300 a month, and is paid for by Sudofox. You can buy Sudomemo Plus tickets at the Sudomemo Shop, or make a recurring donations via Patreon.


If you need to contact us you can do so through the following channels:

Discord: Send a message to the SudoModMail bot in the Sudomemo Discord.

Email: support@sudomemo.net

Facebook: facebook.com/Sudomemo

Twitter: twitter.com/Sudomemo

Smoke signals, distress flares and carrier pigeon are all acceptable alternatives, though they may be met with more limited success.

Happy Flipnoting!