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Like all communities with a Discord presence, Sudomemo occasionally gets a handful of troublemakers.

This guide is meant to educate you and your fellow Flipnoters for how to come together as a community to make attempted raids less effective.

The goal of a raid

The goal of a raid is to disrupt. The reason doesn’t matter; the method doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is the goal. Therefore, please remember this key phrase:

“Deny the Disruption”.


The goal of this guide

We want to empower the members of our community to come together and prevent extensive disruption quickly. We want you to understand better how raids provoke and upset groups of people, and how to counter it effectively while our mods do their work to bringing it to an end.


What does a raid look like?

When a raid starts, you may see several users come up suddenly and start posting various disruptive content. This may include:

  • Spam or copypasta
  • Offensive, shocking, or pornographic messages or imagery.
  • Targeted attacks on random users.

Another technique utilized by raiders is branching out and messaging members of the Discord server to harass them directly.

If this is only one person trolling, report them as described below but avoid granting them too much attention.


Deny the Disruption

  • It may take a few moments for staff to address the issue. Once the staff arrive, their first action will usually be applying mutes to offending parties.
    • We’ll generally start with mutes so that we can then review posted content and avoid mistakenly removing the wrong people.
    • After we’ve had time to do this, we’ll go over the offending parties and handle them with bans or restrictions.
  • We’d encourage you to share this article (the one that you’re reading right now) with your fellow Discord members.

Messaging SudoModMail

You can find SudoModMail near the top of the user list. If Discord doesn’t let you DM it, you might need to temporarily enable server-member DMs in your privacy settings for the Sudomemo Discord.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • DON’T panic! You have an action plan in the form of this guide.
  • DON’T backseat mod or comment on your perception of actions that mods take.
  • DON’T reply if a raider pings you directly, or quote/reply to them once their purpose has become clear.
  • DON’T reply to any DMs you receive or share them in public chat. Don’t do anything that might make you a target.
  • DON’T talk about the raid a lot in the public chat. Avoid rewarding bad behaviour with your attention.
  • DO take screenshots and copy message IDs of a sample of the offending content and send it to SudoModMail via DM.
  • DO take screenshots of DMs and report them to SudoModMail. While we can’t do anything about them, it’ll help us better understand who’s doing what.
    • We’d suggest blocking them if they’re sending you upsetting content. Remember, don’t attack them back or let them know if they upset you.
    • You can optionally copy message IDs of your DMs and the user ID numbers (“snowflakes”) to report them directly to Discord’s support (
  • DO share this guide with your fellow server members during the raid.
  • DO reinforce it with the phrase “Deny the Disruption”. Help others understand why it’s important to come together as one.
  • DO redirect the conversation as soon as it’s possible to limit the duration of the post-raid disruption.

Any questions, comments, or concerns?

We’re all ears! Let us know via Discord or Support Email.