Credits Header "We wish to thank these wonderful people."

Thank you, all.

Sudomemo has officially outlived Flipnote Hatena, and we have these amazing people to thank.


Development & Administraion

igantzia / Mayu

Previous administration and localization.

Socials: GitHub


James / rakujira

Frontend and graphic design, previous administration, reverse-engineering, backend conversion daemons, previous weekly news author, and moral support.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Website


Lauren Kelly / thejsa

Flipnote Hatena network captures before its shutdown and early reverse engineering. British localization and other miscellaneous early contributions.

Socials: GitHub | Twitter | Website


Peder Sundt / pbsds

Reverse-engineering and early backend format conversion.

Socials: Github | Website


PLU 4011

Previous administration, localization, and moral support.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Instagram


Rob / SuperDuperRob

Current administration, moderation, and support. Author of various help center articles and pages, and various graphic design for Theatre and social media.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Instagram


Sam / Secret Asian Man

Previous administration and moderation.

Socials: Twitter



Creator of Sudopatch. Founder of nds-constrain’t; used to connect you to Sudomemo with only a DNS change.

Socials: Github | Twitter



Early steps of identification for Flipnote sound decoding.





Early asset design for Sudomemo.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter



Graphic, asset, and ticket design for Sudomemo Plus.

Socials: Sudomemo | Twitter | Instagram





Current author of the weekly news here on Sudomemo.



We’d like to thank everyone involved in translating Sudomemo into other locales. You can find everyone who contributed here:

Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

We apologize in advance if we’ve missed you. Let us know via Discord or Support Email.